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Made in Texas, from scratch, brand new, just for you.

Conceal Carry Holster

HYbrid Armory holsters

"Hybrid Armory comes through as usual. I just purchased my Hybrid Armory Full Kydex IWB holster for my Ruger LC9s Pro, and the holster fits like a glove. Great holster for a great price. This is the forth holster I have purchased, and do highly recommend these holsters."
Bill Lang
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Adjustable Cant & Retention

Your holster can be adjusted for your most desired cant and retention options. By simply removing the screws of the clip, setting it where you want, then re-apply the screws. You have adjusted your cant. Retention adjustment is very similar, just tighten down the screw that comes installed on the retention area and problem solved. If that still does not fit your needs, all holsters come with a screw kit to exchange the screws and washers to find you best desired fit.


This is our conceal carry inside the waistband style of holster. Designed to be worn inside the waistband with a belt and un-tucked shirt. Discretion is a primary concern for our users.

inside waistband concealment holsters


Our single clip design makes it a breeze to remove and replace the holster as you wish. Also with our form fitting design, makes for a durable and dependable holster for efficient conceal carry needs. The holster will not collapse on you once you draw, making a re-holster easy.

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Although darker colors are best for concealment we offer a variety of color options for those who want something different.